The Eyeshaker
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The Eyeshaker

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Originating from Austria, it’s a unique comprehensive cleaning system that cleans both the frame and lenses at the same time. In just a few minutes your spectacles, sunglasses, and sports eyewear will be completely free of dirt, grease, make-up, and suntan lotion, all of which build up on both frames and lenses over time.

This cool bit of kit securely holds your spectacle frame in place to prevent any movement. Using a mixture of water and their special cleaning agent, you simply shake the Eyeshaker for about 15 seconds and then remove the glasses and rinse under cold water, finally finishing by drying and polishing with the microfiber cloth provided.

Your eyewear will look as good as new, free from dirt, grit, and unsightly smears or built-up grime. The result is a gleaming pair of glasses! 

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