Intagli 81 - 01

Intagli 81 - 01

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Intagli 81

Colour Code - 01 - Black & White

Frame size 55x16

Lamarca is a real treasure trove of eyewear. Each frame is a real gem with a plethora of colour running through each family, mixed with intricate detailing of layering materials and cutting techniques to create some exquisite pieces which are a joy to stock within our portfolio of eyewear collections.
Larmarca use state of the art production techniques, coupled with artisan crafts regenerated from a bygone era, to produce breathtaking, high-quality frames. 

Intagli brings its inspiration from the artisan master craftsman from the 1950s and the hand-carved frames produced in France at this time. Layers of acetate are overlaid and then skillfully cut away or ‘feathered’ to reveal the different coloured layers overlapping across the front of the frame.

This Frame showcases the perfect blend of circular and cat-eye, with a rounded style, which is elegantly finished with a feline lift, before tapering into the beautifully feathered design, showcased in the Intagli spectacle collection

This frame is supplied with demo, non-prescription lenses, and is suitable for prescription glazing by a suitable opticians if required. 

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