Ceselli 89 - 04

Ceselli 89 - 04

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Ceselli 89

Colour Code - 04 - Transparent Purple graduating into Brown with ceselli cutting

Frame size 54x17

Lamarca is a real treasure trove of eyewear. Each frame is a real gem with a plethora of colour running through each family, mixed with intricate detailing of layering materials and cutting techniques to create some exquisite pieces which are a joy to stock within our portfolio of eyewear collections.
Lamarca use state of the art production techniques, coupled with artisan crafts regenerated from a bygone era, to produce breath-taking, high-quality frames. 

Ceselli (meaning chiselling) is the theme of this ‘family’. It’s a very highly skilled cutting procedure that transforms each model into a dazzling piece of art. Surfaces are chiselled using the goldsmiths diamond dressing technique. This process creates a patterned, uneven surface that resembles jewels as the light dances across the surface.

Ceselli 89

This frame is supplied with demo, non-prescription lenses, and is suitable for prescription glazing by a suitable opticians if required. 

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